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Did you know that 53% of consumers say climate change issues influence their buying decisions? But only 3% think ad campaigns that focus on sustainability and climate protection are believable?*
The solution? LCAs, which turn sustainability into a measurable dimension! That‘s why this edition of our newsletter focuses on environmental evaluations, whether its B2B or B2C. Among other topics, you can look forward to professional discussions with industry experts as well as examples of successful data collection based on collaboration with suppliers.
My tip: Free webinar "How to successfully calculate an LCA"
Our experts from the ifu consulting team will give you exclusive insights and share their vast experience with LCAs. You can find a brief agenda for the webinar ➤ here. It will be offered on the following dates:
  • Thursday, October 20, 2016 from
  • Thursday, October 27, 2016 from
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Interview with “Germany’s most sustainable large-scale enterprise 2014”
Marko Schnarr heads the division for resource efficiency, LCAs, and environmental labeling at Miele, the well-known manufacturer of household appliances. His goal is to expand the company’s decision-making matrix to fully include environmental aspects.
LCAs in the telecommunication sector
Andreas Kröhling, Senior Expert for Corporate Responsibility at Telekom AG, recommends just getting started and keeping at it! Even simply recognizing the most important areas to focus on will help you to systematically reach a better bottom line for your environmental balance.
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Environmentally friendly and cost efficient: LCAs in the construction sector
HOBASCan environmentally friendly raw materials fulfill high product standards and be cost effective at the same time? This is the question that HOBAS Engineering, manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced pipe systems, has asked. By evaluating their carbon footprint, the company plans to add an additional dimension to its R&D process.
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Data collection for LCAs: collaboration along the entire life cycle
Gathering quality data is one of the biggest challenges in producing accurate LCAs. In an interview with Victor Vladimirov, environment and energy manager at HOBAS Engineering GmbH, we discuss when it makes sense to collaborate with suppliers in the exchange of data and the details that require the most attention.
Obtain LCA data from suppliers - Insights from a sustainability consultant
Rebecca LeBlanc is a sustainability consultant at “Strategic Sustainability Consulting” in Boston, USA. Her experience shows that giving the context of the request and enough time most suppliers or life cycle partners respond with the best data they can provide. Enjoy the interview!
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Interesting upcoming trade shows and conferences on LCAs:
  • Life Cycle Assessement XVI, Charleston, USA, in September
  • EcoBalance 2016, Kyoto, Japan, in October
  • Avnir Konferenz, Lille, France, in November
Find more details about the events listed above, as well as additional events, on our event page.
I look forward to your questions and comments. Please feel free to recommend the newsletter to others who might enjoy it. Also, let me know which topics are of particular interest to you right now - I will try to address them in one of the upcoming newsletter editions.
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