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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Are you familiar with MFCA? MFCA stands for Material Flow Cost Accounting and helps businesses to increase their material efficiency. I could say it‘s a brand new tool – but it‘s not. Born in Germany in the 90s it is now a great success in Japan and through the ISO norm 14051 it becomes popular around the world.
More than 300 businesses in Japan have successfully reduced their material input costs using MFCA and have achieved savings of up to 30 %. How businesses can profit from MFCA and increase their material efficiency? Find out in the following articles.
Free webinar: "10 success factors for implementing MFCA in the producing industry“
This webinar enables networking among participants from various industrial sectors. Learn from hands-on experiences and best practice examples. It will be offered on the following dates:
  • Thursday, January 10, 2017 from 9.30 am to 10.45 am (CET)
  • Thursday, January 10, 2017 from 5 pm to 5.45 pm (CET)
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Resource efficiency made simple with MFCA
Material flow cost accounting is a perfect first step to achieve resource efficiency in producing industries as it focuses specifically on exposing inefficiencies and material losses. We have summarized everything you have to know about the method of MFCA in an article.
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Best Practice Examples of successful MFCA projects
The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry published a collection of MFCA case examples from manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries and in supply chains. A famous company using this technology is the multinational corporation Canon Inc.
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MFCA provides head start for SMEs
In 2015, I held a presentation at the Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management in which I demonstrated why MFCA provides a head start for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to incorporate a Life Cycle Perspective. I would like to share it with everybody who is interested in this topic.
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Tips from a MFCA consultant
Hiroshi Tachikawa is the managing director at Propharm Japan. He has helped numerous companies across Japan and Asia to get started with Material Flow Cost Accounting. During an interview he provided insights that reveal the factors for successfully implementing this method.
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First software for Material Flow Cost Accounting
If you would like to explore the possibilities of MFCA on your own, then there is supporting software available. Just create a material flow model, calculate material and energy balances, and combine material and energy flows with their associated costs in one model. Step by step. You can already test it using the free trial version for 14 days.
More about the software
Have you already made experiences with MFCA? I look forward to your questions and comments on the articles. Please feel free to recommend the newsletter to others who might enjoy it. Also, let me know which topics are of particular interest to you right now - I will try to address them in one of the upcoming newsletter editions.
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