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Particularly in the process industry, it is a challenge to identify the ideal mix of measures to increase energy and resource efficiency. There are a variety of possible actions: Systematically closing material cycles, Zero waste strategies, energy-efficient plant control or design for environment in process development.
But what has the greatest potential? A holistic view is required!
Webinar "Integrated process optimization using Sankey analysis"
Webinar Process optimizationThe integrated optimization of technical production processes requires a holistic consideration of energy and material flows. In this free webinar we will show you how you can achieve this on the basis of a Sankey analysis.
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4 letters for more efficiency:
Efficiency driver MFCA
These four letters are already very successful across all industries in Japan. German examples also show that 50% of the identified saving potentials can be realized with less than 10,000 € investment. What is the secret behind this method?
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Chemical Industry: Best Practice Examples
Best Practices
There is a wide range of resource efficiency measures. 100 companies from the German state of Baden-Württemberg provide insights, point out barriers and success factors. Here you can find selected best practice examples from the chemical industry.
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CO2 and cost reduction in hydrogen production
BASF H2 production
Alternative technologies for hydrogen production with competitive costs and reduced CO2 footprint are currently of great interest. Two production technologies are compared in regard to these factors by life cycle assessment.
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Sankey analyses as simulation tool for resource efficiency assessment
Sankey analysis
Due to the complexity of the process steps, the use of simulation tools in the process industry is indispensable. Here you will get an overview of the tools and learn how you can use Sankey analyses to achieve your resource efficiency goals.
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